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We aim to bring you instructional material in Text, Power Point presentations and Video.  We will be adding content to this selection until completed.  Keep checking back for more topics - and email us if something not discussed should be.

Organic Orchid Care

Test results of Essential Growth Hormone, Companion and Worm Tea  Text button

Worm Tea Instructions  Text button

General Orchid Care

Re-potting    Test button

Pest control  Text Button

Hydroponics   Text Button

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Re-classification of orchid family names  Text button

Color Variations in Seed Grown Orchids  Text button

Care of Phiaus Terrestrial Orchids  Text button

Care of Nobile Type Dendrobium   Test button

Cattleya Care   Test button

Growing Dendrobium spectabile   Test button

Deciduous Dendrobium Care   Test button

Care of Oncidium Sharry Baby - The Chocolate Orchid   Test button

Maxillaria tenuifolia - Coconut orchid Care and propagtion     Test button

Growing the unique and extra large Grammatophyllum  Test button

VANDA -- Instructions for mounting Vanda - a different perspective  Test button

VANDA -- Instructions for re-basketing and dividing a Vanda   Test button

The Butterfly Orchids - The Psychopsis Family   Test button