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Vermi-Liquid -- Worm Tea Instructions

Worm Tea more properly called Vermi-Liquid is the liquid extract from a worm bed. This should not be confused with the worm manure mixed in water, which is sold as Worm Tea.  That solution does not have sufficient micro-organisms to have the beneficial effect of using Vermi-Liquid on orchids.

Worms have been used to aid growth of plants for as long as man has farmed food. It is safe and harmless to humans and pets.  At the same time we are recycling organic waste into a usable product.

Worm Tea INstructionsThe product we sell is concentrated and enhanced with bracillus bacteria as an anti-fungal agent and 77 trace elements beneficial to growing plants.

To use it as a growth supplement we recommend dilution of 50:1. It can be used as a dip by soaking your orchids for 10-15 minutes. It can also be used as a spray directly on the potting medium, leaves and even the flowers. Over dosage will not harm plants.  We usually add Companion to increase the Bracillus levels and the Rooting Hormone Essentials.

When we use it as a spray it has additional benefits. The solution has ceitanese in it. Ceitanese has one major feature it dissolves ceitain. This is harmless to us but fatal to insects which wear their skeleton on the outside. An insects skeleton is ceitain.

It is effective against scale, mites, aphids, thrips, mealy bugs, and most other insects. Regular use of Worm Tea will prevent outbreaks of pests, but when a new plant brings an infestation into the growing area, we increase the concentration to 20:1. This is the concentration of the ready to use FX Organic spray. Mealy bugs and thrips are major problems with orchids. These insects have a three day life cycle. You must spray 3 times in a week in order to kill the newly hatching eggs or you will not eliminate the infestation.

With scale it may look like nothing happened, but it is dead. It you scrape the scale off with your fingernail and crush it, you will see it is hollow and a brown dust. Live scale is green when crushed. Worm Tea will also kill Asian scale on Florida Sago Palms. (You must soak the roots of Sago palms as well as the scale lives in the roots.)

Mobile insects like aphids will leave the area. It is great for eliminating aphids on roses and has the benefit of curing black spot on roses. It is excellent for all plants not just orchids.

We spray Worm Tea directly onto flowers. The microbes in the solution retain moisture in the flower for extended life. Some florist are using it on cut flowers to extend their useful life. You will see with bare root orchids that the Worm Tea retains more moisture in the roots of the orchids.  We do not add Companion nor Essentials to Worm Tea when spraying white flowers as the dark brown coloration of these seaweed extracts cause staining on white flowers.

The microbes in the solution are alive so they need air.  Loosen the cap a little when storing the concentrate

The microbes are sensitive to UV light, like all living things, so it is best to spray in the morning or evening for maximum effect on outdoor plants (indoors it does not matter).  The microbes in the solution seem to protect the plant against any fungal problem with an evening spraying.