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Color Variations in Seed Grown Orchids

It is very confusing to beginners that two seeds from the same seed pod can produce flowers that

do not look like the same plant.

The easiest way to understand this, is to compare it to people. If parents have a child, the child may

look like the mother or the father or the grandparents or an

aunt or uncle or can skip back several generations. The same happens with orchids. The flower

can have characteristics of any plant in its family tree. Many Cattleya hybrids have dozens of different

orchids in their heritage.

Blc Tokyo Magic x Blc Toshie Aoki is a good example and it is one of our favorites. The photos are

 the colors I have had this season (2008).

There may be more surprises to come.  The registered name of this hybrid is Lc. Toshie's Magic.

Blc Tokyo Magi x Blc Toshie Aoki

Blc Tokyo Magi x Blc Toshie Aoki Color variationsBlc Tokyo Magi x Blc Toshie Aoki Color variations

Blc Toshie's MagicToshie's Magic    Toshie's Magiic Toshie's Magic

At least every one is beautiful.


Toshie's Magic Rlc. Toshis's Magic 'Doris' is one of the first meri-clones of this group.  Meri-clones are a labratory procedure that produces large quantities of true clones.  You can expect every clone Toshie's MagicDoris Rlc. Toshis's Magic 'Doris'  to look extremely close to the photo on the right.  (added 2014)