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Custom made gifts

We specialize in the selection and custom design of orchid gifts.  These one of a kind creations are the perfect gift for the person, for whom you never know what to get.  (like moms)

Contact us by email early and we with design in any color scheme.

Indoors Phalaenopsis in Zisha for gift idea- we highly recommend Zisha pottery with or without Miniature Phalaenopsis in Zisha potan orchid (always better with an orchid).  Phalaenopsis and Lady Slippers grow very well in low light levels of a home

Lady sliiper in Zisha Pot

Cattleya gift in Zisha potIndoors or Outdoors - let the recipient decide - Higher light level plants like Cattleya do very well outdoors and can also be brought indoors to enjoy the flowers.  Our Zisha pots do not stain and look new after years outdoors.

Mounted Oncidium IntergenericOutdoors - These mounted orchids can be grown indoors but outside they look look like they belong.   Every piece of wood and every plant is unique so the combination is as personal as you can have.

   All gifts come with care directions and a custom made photographic gift card

 For the Collector with lots of orchids, we can supply that special plant that will say you really thought of them.  We have an extensive network of growers in Florida, so that is we do not have it in stock, we usually can find it.  Email us early for hard to find requests.

We are featuring the 'Chocolate Orchid', Onc. Sharry Baby, this holiday season in both Zisha pots and Mounted for that special woman in your life.  Valentine orders should be reserved early as we sell out before February unless they are saved. 

When you are not sure what to give, a Gift Certificate is available.