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All pages and customer data in our web site are encrypted for your safety.

Our orchid shop will contain hundreds of plants and supplies. 

We currently have only a small percent of the items listed.  Many are in two small a quantity to list.   We are constantly adding items to the shop.   Each requires a photo and we try to include details that will help you determine if the choice is correct for you.  Email us directly if you have specific requests not addressed in the store at  inquiryOrchidsAmore@gmail.com   If you are not certain if a variety of Orchid is appropriate for you email us.  We will be happy to make suggestions and discourage orchids that are not appropriate for your conditions.

We sell at numerous Orchid shows each weekend.  As a result we may sell out of items between Friday and Sunday.  If we are out of an item we will notify you for your possible substitution of another item or the removal of the item from your order per your instructions.

We add new inventory every week,  If an item is listed as out of stock, the store software will accept the order as we may have the item in time to ship.  We try to ship on Monday or Tuesday after your order is received.

As a special to our customers we have a shipping policy of a maximum shipping charge of $15.00.  Large orders with shipping in excess of this amount, the additional shipping is paid by us.  There is no limit as to how many Orchids may be ordered for one shipping at the $15.00 maximum charge.  Currently we are offering free shipping on orders over $75.00.

CREDIT CARD ACCEPTANCE  We are terminating our direct Credit Card payment gateway after thsi month as they have raised rates to over 10% of sales.  Rather than raise our prices to include this charge, we are terminating this company.  Credit card payments can be made through PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account.  When paying chose "Other Options" for the payment on PayPal.  It is usually in small type on the bottom of their paument screen.  If there is any problem we can take credit card info over the phone at 239-693-8967. 

We accept PayPal for those who prefer this method.  You can use credit cards on PayPal by chosing "other Options" for payment source.

Warranty on budded or spiking plants - While we can not guarantee buds will not blast or fail to develop, we have great success in shipping plants in bud.  For those few who have the misfortune to lose the buds, we will issue a  credit toward your next order equal to the difference from Flowering to not-currectly-in-flower price, usually $10.00.  This is our only warranty on flowers and buds.  We are the only shipper to give any Warranty on flowering orchids. 

Orders are usually shipped the Monday or Tuesday after the order is received.

New feature in our store catalog.  Now when you select an item to consider if you click on the photo it will be replaced by a full sceen image.  Click on any of the black around the photo to return to the store.  It also corrects the distortion that resulterd from all thumbnails being a square.
It will take a while to replace all the photos with the larger sizes.  Let us know if something you wanted to see was not completed.

      If you accept the conditions of sale and warranties Go to OrchidsAmore Store