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Family names are being re-classified and these will vary.  The buttons with dates on them have been changed to display the new names.  The New Bloom Galleries may still have old names.  We hope the New Bloom Galleries will give you a guide as to when they bloom in Florida.  Hobbyist are given the right to download these images for personal non-commercial use.  Artist are given the rights to paint from these photos and sell their art with no restrictions.
Castectum gallery
Bassovola gallery
CAttleya photo gallery
Cymbidium gallery
Cattleytonia photo gallery

Guarianthe Photo Gallery
Cattleya alliance gallery
Laelia Photo Gallery
Encyclia Epidendrum Gallery
Rhyncattleanthe photo gallery
Lady slipper gallery
Rhyncholaeliocattleya photo gallery
Cattlianthe Photo Gallery
Miltonia Photo gallery
Miscellaneous Orchid gallery
Phal button
Psychopsis gallery
Warm tolerant Cymbidium
Grammatophylum gallery
Terrestrial Orchid Gallery
Vandaceous gallery
Zygopedilum gallery
New Blooms Oct Nov 2008
New Blooms Aug Sept 2008 Gallery
New Blooms Decemebr 2008
Nobile Dendrobiums
Dendrobium species
Tolumnia gallery
Spider Orchids Brassia gallery
Oncidium Intergeneric gallery
New Orchids Blooms Jan 2009
Orchid Photos Feb 2009
March Orchid Photos
New Blooms April 2008
May June Gallery button
New July 2009 photo gallery
New Photo Gallery Sep 2009
New Photo Gallery Nov 2009
New Blooms 2010
New Blooms March 2010
New Blooms April 2010
New Blooms May 2010
july 2011
Oct 2011
Nov 2011
Dec 2010
feb 2011
march 2011
april june 2011
July to Sept 2011