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What should you expect when ordering

We strive to ship the best quality plants in good health.

We give details about the plant and we will answer questions about our plants before you buy.  email us at InquiryOrchidAmore@gmail.com

We can not guess what you are expecting when you order. 

All the plants we sell are warm tolerant and grow in the state of Florida.  They will grow in any state if protected from winter cold.

Pot sizes are given as a guide to size and age.  Orchids are priced to a large extent by the time it takes to grow them to the size offered. 

Many growers call 4 inch pots as 'near blooming size'.  We agree with the use of the term, but do not like to use it.  These plants will often bloom in one season but sometimes could take longer.   Some plants (not the common varieties) will not flower until they are 10-15 years old.  Some will flower in a one inch pot.

Some orchid flowers will last for months and others die in a couple of days after opening.  We note in our descriptions any flowers that do not normally live at least 2 weeks.

Many orchids will look almost dead before they flower, some will be ugly looking plants that produce gorgeous flowers.  Many lose their leaves before flowering, some are perennials and die back to an empty pot for their hibernation.  If you do not know what you are buying ASK US.

Two inch pots are orchids from 3-4 years old.
Four inch pots are 4-6 years old
Five and six inch pots are older.  We do not differentiate in price between the two sizes.  The orchids are placed in the proper size for best growth and flowering. 
Orchids are generally grown in the smallest pot to be as pot bound as possible.

Occasionally we might describe a plant as overgrown.  This means it is ready for the next larger size pot.


Orchids sold by us as blooming may be open flower, flower spike initiated or formed flower buds.  Open flowers are only shipped in the first 1/4 of expected bloom cycle.  We expect you to have several weeks of good flower display.  If you desire a specific stage of flowering you must contact us before you order.

We expect customers to have general knowledge about what they are ordering.  We are happy to answer questions about anything you do not know about these orchids.  InquiryOrchidsAmore@gmail.com