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We have added 700 new photos to our photo galleries in August 2012 bring the current total to around 3200.  And more are coming.

Our photo galleries are getting so large the may take a little long to open.  The entire thumbnail frame on the left must open before you can choose another photo.  This frame should be in alphabetical order to help you find a specific orchid.  We are trying to shorten the wait and it should not be longer than 15-20 seconds now.. 

This page now divides the Orchid Family Galleries from the New Bloom Orchid Galleries.

The Orchid Family Galleries are subdivided but unless you are familiar with the new classification you will find it difficult to find a specific orchid.  We are trying to  improve this problem.  Scientists have no sympathy for us hobbyist.

We hope the New Bloom Galleries will give you a guide as to when they bloom in Florida.  A plant that blooms in April (late spring early summer in Florida) may bloom in June in Maine.  Season, length of day, and temperatures vary around the country but should be consistent once you bloom a few.

Family names are being re-classified and these will vary.  Rely on the hybrid name not the family for your identifications. Blc. Carolina Golden D'Or is now Rtt. Carolina Golden D'Or because Bassovola digbyana was re-classified, the Laelia was changed to Cattleya and one of the Cattleya was re-classified as Guarianthe. But the hybrid name does not change and they are still Cattleya Alliance so the care they need is the same.  For more information Click here

The New Bloom Galleries may still have old names.  The newer months have the new names.

Photos are all copyrighted and may not be used for commercial purposes.
Hobbyist are given the right to download these images for personal non-commercial use.  Artist are given the rights to paint from these photos and sell their art with no restrictions.