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Dendrobium spectabile.  These normally bloom in January but last year they were still blooming until May and they are late this year.

 De. spectabile

Laturia Dendrobium
Laturia Dendrobium are one of several sub-families of Dendrobium.  The originate in New Guinea and the South Pacific. 

They bloom from Winter into spring.  Most will flower two or more times a year and the flowers are long lasting each time.  We will have large varieties of species and hybrids in bloom from January to April.  We usually get a second blooming in August.  They are very unique yet most are no more expensive than common Dendrobium.

Den. spectabile is the king of Laturia species.  It will grow to three feet in height and produce a spectacular display of flowers.  After all it is named spectacular in Latin.  It only blooms once a year but the flowers last months.Den. spectabile 

We have a full TUTORIAL on this outstanding plant.

Den. Roy Tokunaga  can have spots as well as pure white petals. 
And the list goes on.  We will have almost all of the Laturia shown in
Den Roy tukonaga
royal wings
The butterfly orchids of the Psychopsis family are truly outstanding.  They will flower continuously on the same stem for 5-10 years with each flowering making the stem a little longer.  We have had stems up to five feet long.  While the stems look delicate they will withstand 40 mph winds without breaking.
Psychopsis butterflyWe like the hybrid Psy. Mariposa the best for the alba form.  We like both Mariposa and the Kahilii form (it is the parent of Mariposa) for the normal coloration.  All Psychopsis look basically the same.  The alba form appears more often than the parent Psychopsis  papilla alba.  Do not ask why a yellow flower is called white (alba) but that has been the varietal name.  The alba form has been much more expensive as it was less common selling for $60 a single stem.  We now offer them at the same price.  The Mariposa we offer start at $35 for a single stem and double triple or even quadruple stems are coming to the market. 

gRAM. SCRIPTUM VAR CITREONGram. scriptum var. Citroen are July to September bloomers.    The flowers last for use 6-8 weeks and if kept out of the worst of the summer heat can stay attractive longer.    We have 4 inch pots available as well as full size flowering size.  These are a late summer bloomer for us and the first flower spikes are beginning to form.  It can take 6-8 weeks for the flowers to fully form and open.
Gram. MartaeGram. martae, Gram. scriptum and a cross  of scriptum x martae flower in the spring to early summer. 

Gram elegans

Gram. elegans is outstanding in bloom.  The flower spikes can be seven feet long with well over a hundred flowers per stem.

chocoloate orchid
Try the chocolate orchid, Onc. Sharry Baby.  It smells exactly like chocolate. 

We have been shipping large multiple spike plants for the last few months and now the same plants are blooming again.  They mostly have two spikes but can produce 3-5. These plants are all blooming multiple times a year. 

We have a new crop flowering.  We have added divisions at a low price for those with a little patience.  But only a little patience is needed as most divisions flower the first year.

We are dedicated to producing high quality orchids to beautify our lives. 
Everyone starts as a beginner. We are ready to assist beginners  in selection and care of your Orchids.

We can assist established collectors with new directions to expand their collections. 
Check out the Psychopsis, the butterfly orchids, for an easy to grow but a decidedly different type of orchid.  The species orchid section is growing and contains many unique plants.

We sell Orchids not shipping charges with low shipping and handling fees.
We always offer a maximum shipping charge of $15.00.  Extra large blooming Vanda may require special shipping and we will notify you prior to any charges on your account.

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